Hi! My name is Brian Neong San.
Animation director, designer, illustrator, frame by frame artist, digital character puppeteer… 
I am just an animator who is deeply passionate about creating the illusion of life. 
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I grew up in Mauritius on a strict diet of french dubbed anime, cartoons from the 90s and european graphic novels. As a result, imagining, designing and making characters move are the favourite parts of my job and the best satisfaction is the impression on the audience from watching the final animation. 

I am a former senior designer / animator for +8 years with digital agencies in Sydney, Australia. It was an honour to have the opportunity to work closely with talented people on iconic brands such as Google, Toyota, Contiki, V Energy Drinks, Village Roadshow, Tic Tac, Lynx, Lipton Ice Tea, ANZ and ING.

I also had the good fortune to create award winning pieces in competitions such as the Create STUDIO TV Ident competition organised by the SBS / Foxtel and the GRAPHIC Animation Competition organised by the Sydney Opera House. 

I am also an alumni of the PICTOPLASMA ACADEMY.

I have recently been travelling / doing remote freelancing and am available for collaborations or even relocations if possible.

Thank you!
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